Reminder: Clarksville Elite Gymnastics Center


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – Gymnastics is gaining the most attention as the Olympics approach, so 2020 was set to be an exciting year for many young gymnasts. This recall shines a light on the Clarksville Elite Gymnastics Center girl group.

Numerous young women competed for the state in 2019, with more than a handful of titles in their respective events. Larry Corrigan’s squad were set to do big things again this year with the State Tournament approaching later in the spring.

Yet when the devastating March 3e The tornadoes destroyed another local gymnasium, displacing the Magnitude 10.0 team, CEGC rallied to try and help another group of gymnasts get back on their feet.

They have organized a t-shirt sale with the proceeds going to help Magnitude 10.0 get back on track while their gym is rebuilt. Unfortunately, for both teams, the season was cut short in March due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Neither team would have the chance to win state titles.

But the camaraderie of the gymnasts at CEGC and Magnitude 10.0 shows us that some things in life are more important than a perfect score. To all the gymnasts out there – stand tall, stick together, and keep making those landings.


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